Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died.

When 'Thriller' came out in 1982, I was a Christian Campus Minister in Louisville, Kentucky and pushing hard on my closet door, coming out as a gay man. By the summer of 1983, I had knocked the door off the hinges and was on my way to New York City where I'd been accepted into the Film School of Columbia University.

The previous years, I had served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, traveling to University and College campuses where I counseled and encouraged young Christians, urging and training them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their unsaved peers. When I abandoned my former world and landed in New York, I discovered I'd come upon a different planet and exchanged the fear of God for the fear of AIDS.

More than twenty years later, I've been looking through old Kodachromes, piecing together how I saw the world during that period of my young life.  In coming days I'll share more of those images from my Jesus Days.

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